It’s Your Time to Soar

Heidi Baker

You are powerful and you shine for Jesus. Your life is a light, not “this little light of mine,” easily snuffed out, but actually a great big light that darkness cannot overcome. You are more than a conqueror because Holy Spirit lives inside of you. I want to share with you about a vision that God has been stirring in my heart. I saw a flock of chickens running around in the dirt. Even when their heads were cut off, they still frantically ran in circles, bleeding to death. Then the vision shifted to eagles. They were soaring and free. The eagle swoops down to ground level, grabs up a snake in his beak, and then carries it into the air until the snake has no breath left. The eagle goes so high in God that the Enemy literally loses his breath and strength. You are an eagle, and it is your time to fly higher, above the snake line. You are called to a no fear lifestyle.

I was asked to write about how to reach Muslims and the unreached. You reach them just like you reach anyone for Jesus: you reach them with love and with prayer. We have heard testimony after testimony of people of another faith seeing visions of Jesus, the Man in White. Pray for dreams and visions for people in your city and pray for God to give you words of knowledge to share His love. Then, you need to actively love people!

As I travel through Europe speaking, I rejoice seeing churches embracing refugees. It is a secret strategy of God to bring unreached people right to your doorsteps. As you teach them English, offer job training, and give them clothing, they will feel the difference (God’s deep love) in you. It is sharing the Gospel with words and showing the Gospel with action. In Mozambique, we go out to the villages every single week. We go house to house and spend time with people in their homes telling them about Jesus, praying for those who are sick, and listening to their dreams and hopes. We also buy beds and buckets and food for those in need, meeting practical needs.

Ask God for keys to reach your neighbors and your city. God is creative and full of kindness. No one is unseen by Our Father God, and no one should go unseen by us, His Body, either. Every person is a son or a daughter Father wants to embrace in His healing love. I truly believe it is Europe’s time. There are so many deep wells of revival that are about to flow again. Ask God to show you what He sees over your city, what is the song ringing over your nation? Do not say that Europe is too hard because nothing is hard for God and love wins. Go and share all you have been given. Don’t shrink back. Don’t run in circles. You are destined to be an eagle.
Soar, Beloved, soar.

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