Almost There, Whats Next?

Dr. Johannes Hartl

Dear Friends,

What a journey! Next Sunday the strategic fast for Europe will end. With around 5000 persons registered and around 5000 more joining without being registered this initiative already was a great success. I am confident that we will see much fruit coming out of this in the near future! Many have asked how we can proceed from here. 4 point about this:

1. Breaking the fast
We encourage you to carefully break the fast on sunday evening with something light. Start with vegetables or fruits and slowly add more food within the next days. You should really celebrate and feast (easter sunday is a good day for that) – this is part of a fast as well! – but don’t go from 0 to 100 too fast…

2. Sharing and testimonies
Our social media team is working on a platform to share impressions and testimonies from the time of fasting. We will keep you informed on this topic.

3. Stay with it!
Europe shall be saved! And we shall keep on praying! So we will remind and encourage you about once a month to stay ready in prayer. Let’s keep proclaiming daily at 5pm (and during the day) „Europe Shall Be Saved“, let’s not stop praying. In addition we will inform you on special prayer intentions that are directly linked to ESBS, like „Awakening Europe“ in Prague and would appreciate if you keep them in prayer.

4. Harvest cycle
As ESBS leadership team we want to install a yearly cycle of initiatives, that is inspired by the harvest cycle of a farmer. Planting in spring (prayer and fasting), growing in early summer (equipping and training), harvesting in fall (serving and evangelism) and feasting in winter (celebrating, thanksgiving and information). So yes, there will be another prayer and fasting campaign in 2018 and the following years! Most probably with a shorter period of common fasting within those 40 days of prayer, but we will inform you about this in due time.

We really feel the Lord rallying a prayer movement with „Europe Shall Be Saved“. We plan on having a conference in 2018 on this topic, so please stay tuned in, there is much more to come.
Again, thank you so much for your heart and invest in these 40 days of fasting, thank you for every sacrifice!

On behalf on the ESBS „AirForce“.

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1. Share the Gospel with new people.
2. Declare daily “Europe Shall Be Saved!”
3. Do together what we can do together.
4. Believe and pray for a breakthrough in Europe.

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