Hope doesn’t deny the bad


For most people, it’s much easier to spread bad news than good news. Even if you listen to the way many Christians talk: it is more discouragement than hope. Yes, Europe is challenged by negative trends on many levels. Hope doesn’t mean that we naïvely deny the bad. Hope rather is a basic Christian virtue. Whatever the situation of the earth: God has a wonderful plan and He is infinitely more powerful than anything else.

Looking back through history it is astounding to see how often the prophets of doom were wrong. The history of mankind is marked by sudden, positive changes that hardly anybody would have foreseen. Nobody expected the Berlin Wall to come down and communism to dissolve peacefully within just a few years. Yes, Europe is very secular. But we believe that this is a time for hope, not discouragement. God can turn the tide without any problems.

Our words have power. What we declare, will determine where we are going. Let’s stop agreeing with all the voices of negativity and start to declare in prayer: God has good plans for Europe. The Gospel is great news for our nations. Europe Shall Be Saved!


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