A call for a strategic time of fasting and prayer for Europe


We are living in exciting times! All across the body of Christ hope is arising and many feel in the spirit that this is God’s appointed time for Europe. In 2016 a group of keyleaders having an impact in Europe came together in Switzerland for a round table. All felt driven by the common conviction that God wants to do something extraordinary in Europe.

A vision was given that at first look seems impossible: 100 million souls in Europe coming into the kingdom of God within the next years. But why should it be impossible for God? We believe that the time has come for the whole body of Christ to focus with all energy on the proclamation of the gospel to those who do not yet believe. A time to work together with Christians from all different denominational backgrounds. A time to believe for a new Jesus movement and revival in our nations.

2017 is a year of strategic importance. 500 years after the Reformation, 50 years after the birth of the Charismatic Movement, the Messianic-Jewish Movement and Jerusalem being back under Jewish control, to only name a few jubilees in 2017. We believe that a change in the spiritual atmosphere over Europe will take place in this year and it’s time to claim this in prayer.

Before Jesus did any miracles, he fasted for 40 days. Before Saul and Barnabas were sent out for the work of the gospel the church fasted and prayed (Acts 13:2-3). We need a true sending of laborers into the european mission field. Jesus said: „Ask the Lord of the harvest to send laborers” (Mt 9,38). We pray for Jesus’ bride to be one as the Father and the Son (Joh 17) and his „Kingdom come, his will be done on earth as in heaven“ (Lk 11,2).

We believe the Lord will raise up 10.000 intercessors who will prepare the way for Gods purposes in the next years. We encourage you to take action in this first part of this “Air Force” crew and to engage in a focused time of fasting. We invite you to join in a 40-day fast starting March 1st until April 9th. These are 40 days leading up to the Jewish Pessah feast, as well as lent leading up to Easter week.

How can You be a part of it? 

  1. Join the ESBS movement by praying the prophetic declaration „Europe Shall Be Saved!“ daily at 5pm (European time) and intercede in this intention minimum 5 minutes per day.
  2. Join the first 10’000 intercessors to pray for a mighty move of God in Europe through a renaissance, revival and reformation.
  3. Join us for a 40 days of prayer and fasting for Europe Some will be called to do a full 40-fast on water only. Others will fast with water and juice. If you are unable to do the full 40 days you can also pick one or more shorter periods within those 40 days. But it should be a real sacrifice, a holy dedication to God and a special time during the day to pray.

If you are underaged or physically challenged, please check with your doctor to find out which type of a fast fits your situation. If you are unexperienced with longer periods of fasting, please consult one of the many books or ressource in the internet about healthy fasting. If done in a right way fasting doesn’t harm but greatly benefits your wellbeing. You can go to our website to have some more informations.

If you are already part of another prayer- or fasting-chain during this time, feel free to connect your engagement with „Europe Shall Be Saved!“ as well.

Knowing that each one of you is vital and has a part to play in this historical move of God, you can register on www.esbs.org to be part of this extraordinary adventure of what God will be doing in Europe. We are looking forward to see God’s hand move mightily and to hear from you.

And never forget “Europe Shall be Saved”



The ESBS core team

Jean-Luc Trachsel, Jean-Pascal Bobst, Christian Kuhn, Peter Wenz, Paul Manwaring, Mattheus Van der Steen, Johannes Hartl and Cristina Bobst

The European “Air Force” team

Johannes Hartl, Bedros Nassanian and Jakob Pilz

With the support of the “Round table” including…

Heidi Baker, Paul Manwaring, Sue Manwaring, Matheus Van der Steen, Peter Wenz, Ben Fitzgerald, Matthias Kuhn, David Wagner, Markus Wenz, Christian Kuhn, Tim Eldridge, Andreas Keller, Henry Madava, Jean-Pascal Bobst, Barbara Bobst, Daniel Berger, Chris Poeschl, Werner Lehman, Jean-Luc Trachsel, Josiane Trachsel, Bedros Nassanian, Johannes Amritzer, Thierry Juvet, Monique Juvet, Sverre Bjornhaug, Johannes Hartl, David Bonhomme, David Vandeput, Carlos Payan, Blaise Thomi, Daniel Kolenda, …

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